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Granule packing machine with volumetric cup filler

Efficiently package your granular and powdered products with our advanced grain packing machine. Equipped with a precise volumetric cup filler, this machine accurately measures and dispenses the perfect volume of product into the packaging material, ensuring consistent and high-quality packaging every time.

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Pinpoint Precision: Our cutting-edge volumetric cup filler steals the show with its unparalleled accuracy in measuring granular or powdered products. Its adjustable cups allow you to fine-tune the filling volume to absolute perfection, guaranteeing consistent and precise packaging in every single pouch.

Unleash Speed and Efficiency: Experience unrivaled speed and efficiency with our granule packing machine. Its high-performance mechanisms deliver rapid filling and sealing, allowing you to meet demanding production requirements and impress customers with timely deliveries.

Versatility Unleashed: Unleash your imagination with the granule packing machine’s boundless versatility. Embrace the freedom to package a diverse range of products, both big and small, with effortless ease. From delicate sachets to generous packages, this machine empowers you to meet the ever-changing needs of your discerning customers, allowing your creativity to take center stage.

Technical specification

Film widthMax 300mmMax 320mmMax 420mmMax 580mm
Bag sizeL:30-175/190/210mm
Output40-90 pcs/min30-60 pcs/min15-40 pcs/min10-30 pcs/min
Packing range
Total power1.5KW1.6KW2.6KW3KW



Nurturing the Lifespan

Unleash Its Full Potential!

  1. Embrace Regular TLC: Treat your granule packing machine with the care it deserves. Regularly inspect, clean, and lubricate the machine to keep it operating at peak performance.
  2. Keep it Dust-Free: Dust and debris can clog the delicate components of your machine. Implement a regular cleaning schedule to ensure a clean and dust-free environment for your equipment.
  3. Mind the Wear and Tear: Keep a close eye on the wear and tear of crucial parts, such as the volumetric cup filler. Replace worn-out components promptly to maintain accurate measurements and consistent results.
  4. Stay Lubricated: A well-lubricated machine is a happy machine. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication intervals and use high-quality lubricants to keep the moving parts running smoothly.
  5. Train Your Team: Invest in comprehensive training for your operators to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to handle the granule packing machine effectively. Proper training can prevent mishandling and promote safe and efficient operation.
  6. Optimize Efficiency: Continuously monitor and fine-tune your machine’s settings to achieve optimal efficiency and maximize productivity. Experiment with different configurations to find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.
  7. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in granule packing technology. Stay connected with industry forums, attend trade shows, and engage with experts to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new possibilities.
  8. Collaborate with Experts: Establish a partnership with a reliable and experienced supplier who can provide ongoing support, spare parts, and technical assistance. A trusted partner can offer valuable insights and guidance to help you make the most of your equipment.

Remember, by nurturing and maintaining your granule packing machine with volumetric cup filler, you’re investing in the longevity and success of your packaging operations. Follow these maintenance tips and unleash the full potential of your machine, ensuring consistent and flawless granule packing every time.

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