Hardware Packaging Machine with Screw Vibration Plate


Hardware, plastic parts, metal parts, O rings, screws, nuts, rubber, copper, capsule, pill, tablet …


Enclosed machine housing
Intuitive operator guidance on touch screen panel
Integrate all identification systems
Printing mark recognition and bag length measurement
Different heat sealing and welding tools
Minimum time required when changing rolls
Stop at the end of the film
Automatic fault detection
Tightly sealed, no leakage
Adjustable bag length (mm)
Manual and automatic operation
Finished product packaging counter


Stainless steel and Paint version
Ribbon Printer/Inkjet Printer
Date embossing system
Gas-flushing system
Sponge system, more/less air inside the packet
Easy tearing notch
Round and euro-hole punch, carrying handle punch
Insulation and stirring system
Numerical control cutter
Frequency control, less noise & save electricity
Full closed protective cover
Auto shutdown trigger when protective cover opens
Power supply: 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V. 50Hz, 60Hz
Take away belt conveyor
Loading Conveyor

Film widthMax 310mmMax 310mmMax 420mm
Bag sizeL:30-175mmW:60-145mmL:50-190/210/240/275mmW:60-145mmL:50-280mmW:60-195mm
Output20-60 pcs/min20-60 pcs/min10-35 pcs/min
Packing range1-100 Pieces1-100 Pieces1-100 Pieces
Total power2KW2KW2.6KW
Machine with belt conveyor
Machine with Thermal transfer printer