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Are you looking for a bagger that can keep up with your busiest days?

Look no further! Investing in one of our baggers.
Vertical bagger
packaging machine

Transform your packaging process with our custom packing machines. Specially crafted to handle granular, powder, and liquid products, these machines are the perfect solution for those seeking efficiency and speed. Capable of producing bags at lightning-fast speeds, our vertical baggers are the ultimate choice for streamlining your packaging needs.

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premade pouch bagger
Pre made Bag Packing Machine

With the advanced technology and precision engineering, they can effortlessly handle a wide variety of pre-made pouches, making them the ultimate choice for packaging all sorts of products – from savory snacks and aromatic coffee to nutritious pet food and everything in between. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to efficiency and convenience with our premade pouch packaging machines!

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horizontal bagger
bottle shrink wrapper

Our horizontal packaging machines are designed to handle a variety of product types, including bakery products, confectionery, and more. They are also equipped with a variety of features such as automatic film tracking and adjustable forming boxes.

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No matter what your packaging needs are, we have a bagger that is perfect for you. So, how do you like your bags – vertical, horizontal or pre-made? Choose your preferred bagger and let us take care of the rest!

The benefit of using a Packing machine

Maximize your business potential with the power of a packaging machine. Experience heightened efficiency, precise product handling, enhanced product security, and unrivaled versatility. These machines are the key to optimizing your packaging process, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing your bottom line.

packaging machine

Turbocharged Efficiency: Supercharge your production speed, surpassing manual processes and streamlining operations.

Pinpoint Precision: Achieve consistent and accurate packaging, eliminating errors and minimizing product waste.

Secure Protection: Safeguard your products with airtight seals, preserving their quality and preventing contamination.

Unmatched Versatility: Handle various product types effortlessly, from granules to liquids, catering to diverse packaging needs.

Vertical bagger VS. Horizontal bagger

Here are some differences between the two types of baggers.

Bag Orientation

The main difference between vertical and horizontal bagging machines is the orientation of the bag. Vertical bagging machines produce bags that stand upright, while horizontal baggers produce bags that lie flat.

Product Type

Vertical bagging machines are typically used for packaging granular or powder products, such as snacks, coffee, or pet food. On the other hand, horizontal bagging machines are better suited for packaging products that are wider or flatter, such as bakery products or candies.


Vertical bagging machines can typically produce bags at a faster rate than horizontal baggers. This is because they can use gravity to help fill the bags, while horizontal baggers rely on mechanical systems to fill the bags.


Vertical bagging machines tend to have a smaller footprint than horizontal bagging machines. This makes them a good choice for businesses that have limited floor space.

Film Usage

Horizontal packing machines use less film than vertical packing machines, as the film is used more efficiently due to the flat orientation of the bag. This can result in cost savings for businesses that use a lot of packaging materials.

In summary, vertical packing machines are best suited for granular or powder products and can produce bags at a high speed, while horizontal packing machines are better suited for wider or flatter products and use less film. Ultimately, the decision between a vertical and horizontal packaging machine will depend on the specific needs of your business and the products you are packaging.

How to choose

Struggling to choose between these machines?

Product Type

The type of product you are packaging is a critical factor in selecting a packing machine. Vertical packaging machines are best for granular or powder products, while horizontal packaging machines are better for wider or flatter products. Pre made pouch baggers are ideal for packaging pre-made pouches of various sizes and types.

Production Volume

The production volume is another essential factor to consider when choosing a bagger. Vertical packaging machines are known for their high speed and ability to handle high production volumes, while pre made pouch packaging machines are best for low to medium volume production. Horizontal baggers are somewhere in between.

Labor Cost

Labor cost is a significant consideration when selecting a bagger. Vertical and horizontal packaging machines offer automatic filling and sealing processes, which reduces the need for manual labor. Pre made pouch baggers may require additional labor for pouch placement.


The footprint of the packaging machines is another factor to consider. Vertical packaging machines have a smaller footprint than horizontal packaging machines, while pre made pouch packing machines are often more compact than both.

In summary, when selecting a packaging machines, consider the type of product you are packaging, the production volume, labor cost, cost of ownership, and footprint. Each type of packaging machines has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately depends on your specific business needs.

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