Automatic Packing Machine

The flexible adoption of automatic packaging machinery and automatic packaging line can realize the requirement of high efficiency and low cost.

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Automatic packaging machine is mainly used for automatic packaging of food, medicine, chemical and other products. The types of packaged products are granules, tablets, liquids, powders and pastes. The packaging machine has automatic measuring, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, adding easy cutting, no material warning and stirring as options. It adopts the form of internal heating, which is economical in price, convenient in use and high in efficiency. It is a more suitable product for plastic granules, grains and cereals, and other food manufacturing plants.

Whole machine using full stainless steel frame structure, spare parts for all stainless steel standard finished product production, mold with finished aluminum plate carving, fine craft gathered.


Automatic packaging machine to free our hands, instead of manual packaging, a large degree of savings in labor costs, due to the work process are completed by mechanical equipment, saving manpower for enterprises to operate, can more easily solve the problem of recruitment difficulties.

Whole machine using full stainless steel frame structure, spare parts for all stainless steel standard finished product production, mold with finished aluminum plate carving, fine craft gathered.

Packing Machine Catalog

Automatic packaging machine is generally divided into two categories: semi-automatic packaging machine and automatic packaging machine. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and plant seeds for automatic packaging of materials. Materials can be in the form of granules, flakes, liquids, powders, pastes, etc.

A vertical form, fill, seal machine for continuously making filled pouches is disclosed herein. The packaging film will be directly bag-making, and in the bag-making process to complete the measurement, filling, coding, cutting and other actions of automatic packaging equipment, packaging materials are usually plastic composite film, aluminum platinum composite film, paper bag composite film, etc.

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It consists of two parts: bag feeder and weighing machine. The weighing machine can be either weighing type or screw type, and granule and powder materials can be packed. The working principle of the machine is to use the robot to take, open, sleeve and seal the user’s pre-made bags, while completing the filling and coding functions under the coordinated control of the microcomputer, thus realizing the automatic packaging of pre-made bags.

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Flexibility and high production volumes are very important requirements in modern production lines. This work highlights the kinematic and dynamic synthesis of the general framework of a flying machining device with the emphasis on the driving system chosen and the design parameter definition, in order to guarantee the required performance in terms of flexibility and high production volumes.

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Comparison of our Vertical Packing Machines

Lean more about the differences of our different packing machines, to know how to decide easier of what’s the right bagger for your packaging need..

Packing Machine with Volumetric cup doser
Grain Powder

Model: VFFS-280C


✔️Stainless steel ✔️paint frame

✔️Date printer ✔️Date stamper

✖️Insulation and stirring system

✔️Protective cover with auto-shutdown trigger

Packing Machine with Pump Filler
Liquid Gel Oil Paste

Model: VFFS-280LP


✔️Stainless steel ✔️paint frame

✔️Date printer ✔️Date stamper

✔️Insulation and stirring system

✔️Protective cover with auto-shutdown trigger

Packing Machine with Counting plate
Capsule Tablet Pill Ball

Model: VFFS-280CT

1-100 pcs

✔️Stainless steel ✔️paint frame

✔️Date printer ✔️Date stamper

✔️Protective cover with auto-shutdown trigger

Packing Machine with Linear weigher

Model: VFFS-280-2H


✔️Stainless steel ✔️paint frame

✔️Date printer ✔️Date stamper

✔️Protective cover with auto-shutdown trigger

Working Principle

With the improvement of automation, the operation, maintenance and routine maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills required of the operator. The quality of product packaging is directly related to the temperature system, the accuracy of the main machine speed, and the stability performance of the tracking system. After the machine is running, the film mark sensor is constantly detecting the film mark (color mark), while the mechanical part of the tracking micro switch detects the position of the machinery, the above two signals are sent to the PLC, after the program operation, the PLC output Y6 (positive tracking), Y12 (reverse tracking) control the tracking motor forward and reverse tracking, the packaging material in the production process of the error is timely found at the same time accurately give compensation and correction, avoiding the waste of packaging materials. Detection if the tracking after a predetermined number of times still can not reach the technical requirements, can automatically stop pending inspection to avoid the production of scrap; due to the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, significantly reducing the chain drive, improve the stability and reliability of machine operation, reduce the noise of machine operation. Ensure the high efficiency of the packaging machine, low loss, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic high technology level. Automatic packaging machine used in the transmission system, although the application function is relatively simple, but the dynamic performance of the transmission has high requirements, the system requires faster dynamic following performance and high speed stability and accuracy.


The electrical part of the automatic packaging machine generally consists of the following components.

1. Mechanical part.

a) Mechanical frame.
b) Robotic gripping device as well as driving cylinders.

2. Electrical part.

a) The main control circuit consists of a frequency converter, programmable logic controller (PLC) as the control core.
b) temperature control circuit consists of an intelligent temperature control meter (see figure “Intelligent Temperature Control Meter”), solid-state relays, thermocouple elements, etc., with precise temperature control, intuitive display and easy setting.
c) multi-point tracking and detection by photoelectric switches, electromagnetic proximity sensors, etc..


To create maximum benefits for yourself within the stipulated time, you have to make sure that your packaging line is running well and that there are no errors in the production process, so that you can get the maximum benefits for your company when you try to avoid the impact of errors appearing and failures. The level of automation in the manufacturing industry continues to improve, and the range of applications is expanding. Automated operations in the packaging machinery industry are changing the way the packaging process moves and the way packaging containers and materials are processed. Packaging systems that achieve automatic control can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate errors caused by packaging processes and printing and labeling, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce energy and resource consumption. Revolutionary automation is changing the manufacturing methods of the packaging machinery industry and the way its products are delivered. Design, installation of automatic control packaging system, whether from the packaging machinery industry to improve product quality and production efficiency, or from the elimination of processing errors and reduce labor intensity, have shown a very obvious role. Especially for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and electronic industries, are crucial. Technologies in automation and system engineering are being further deepened and more widely used.

Routine Maintenance

Several keys to the maintenance of packaging machinery: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, corrosion. In the usual production process, each machine maintenance personnel should do, according to the machine packaging equipment maintenance manual and maintenance procedures, according to the prescribed cycle of strict implementation of the maintenance work, reduce the speed of wear and tear of parts, eliminate the potential for failure, and extend the service life of the machine.