Dry grinder with dust collection function


Adopts the high-speed spinning blade of wind wheel and stationary knife. It has advantages of low noise, light vibration and no dust flying in the course of production.
Made entirely of stainless steel.
It is a new generation of pulverizer with long working life and reliable quality.

Working principle

Pulverizer has a relative movement between the moving gear tray and the fixed tray to pulverize the material. The materials are pulverized by gear impacting mutual impacting anc friction. The ground material automatically enters the collecting bag under the action of the eccentric force, and it is discharged from the dust absorption box through filtering bags.


Stainless steel grade
Frequency control
Inlet feeder with Magnetic suction, to Detect and retain metal subjects
Dust collection container system

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Speed(r/min)VoltagePower(Kw)Grinding density(mesh)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)
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Benefits Of Ordering A Pulverizer From Today Machine

Easy and Affordable

In the world of grinding machinery, just about everything is custom. Our engineers are experts in customizing Pulverizer for maximum performance, versatility, and efficiency. We will help design, execute and implement the perfect workflow or integrate with your existing equipment.

Smart and Optimize Tech

Today Machine formulates solutions by providing recommendations to optimize your Pulverizer line. Highlight new Pulverizing equipment that will dramatically increase production and efficiencies. Under advanced program and modern technology, combine with the most matching stable components.

Enable and Disable Options

Equipped with different tooling to accommodate a variety of product characteristics. If your facility is grinding more than one product, you can customize a variety of tooling to make sure your Pulverizer equipments and product are running optimally.

Expert Team Service

Whether you are new to the Pulverizing industry, getting ready to scale your operation or are an established Pulverizer, we have the variety of Grinders to fit your needs. From entry-level economy machines to high-speed lines, we engineer machines that meet your production demands and budget.