Vertical Premade Bag filling sealing machine


Suitable for packing No-sticky granule such as tea, sugar, salt, coffee, food chemical and medicine ..


1) With optional functions of tea inner bag, vacuum packing
2) adjustable of Vacuum time, sealing time, length and width of vacuum package, length of inner package, sealing position …
3) The sealing temperature controller adopts PID adjustment to ensure the smooth sealing of each package and improve the yield
4) The movement of the whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the man-machine interface is easy to operate.
5) Simple structure, reasonable layout, intelligent, technological, high gold content
6) High stability, simple appearance, packaging effect is much higher than manual packaging
7) Automatic defense function, manual detection, can be equipped with date printing and other functions.
8) The inner bag is cut with a sealing knife to make the original round mouth inner bag. No smoke, etc. mixed into the tea leaves to ensure the quality of the tea leaves

FunctionOuter bagOuter bag
Vacuum seal
Inner bag
Outer bag
Vacuum seal
Bag size(mm)Width: 50-75
Length: 110-135
Width: 50-75
Length: 110-150
Width: 50-75
Length: 110-150