Reasonable design and stable operation, can pack various sizes of stand-up pouches and flat bags. Equipped with flexible processing stations to automate filling, sealing and other packaging processes. The bag feeding machine series is the choice for realizing economical and reasonable packaging.

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It replaces manual packaging for the bag packaging machine, and realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The mechanical grip of the equipment will automatically take the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure the signal to the measuring device, blank, seal and output. Customers can also add detailed functions such as door opening, emergency stop, automatic card insertion, abnormal discharge and other detailed functions according to product packaging requirements. The whole packaging process does not require manual operations, which effectively improves production efficiency for your company, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces cost.

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With optional functions of tea inner bag, vacuum packing. Adjustable of Vacuum time, sealing time, length and width of vacuum package, length of inner package, sealing position

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In the world of Premade Bag Packing Machine, just about everything is custom. Our engineers are experts in customizing equipment for maximum performance, versatility, and efficiency. We will help design, execute and implement the perfect workflow or integrate with your existing equipment.


Today Machine formulates solutions by providing recommendations to optimize your line. Highlight new Premade Bag Packing equipment that will dramatically increase production and efficiencies. Under advanced program and modern technology, combine with the most matching stable components.


Equipped with different tooling to accommodate a variety of product characteristics. If your facility is running more than one product, you can customize a variety of tooling to make sure your Premade Bag Packing Machine and product are running optimally.


Whether you are new to the Premade Bag Packaging industry, getting ready to scale your operation or are an established Packing Machine, we have the variety of machines to fit your needs. From entry-level economy machines to high-speed lines, we engineer machines that meet your production demands and budget.