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Flow Wrapper

A flow wrapper, also known as horizontal form-fill-seal machine, is a packaging machine used in the food, beverage, and other industries for wrapping and packaging products such as snacks, baked goods, candy, and other similar products.

horizontal packaging machine

Versatility: The Flow Wrapper is a packaging powerhouse, capable of wrapping a wide range of products with ease. From snacks and beverages to pharmaceuticals and personal care items, this machine does it all.

Customizable: Tailored to your exact specifications, this packaging solution is as unique as your product, with the ability to meet requirements for product size, shape, weight, and more.

High speed: Lightning-fast, this packaging solution is a speed demon, with some machines capable of wrapping thousands of products per minute, ensuring that your products are packed and ready to go in no time.

Protection: Your products are in safe hands with this packaging solution, providing impeccable protection against moisture, dust, and other pesky contaminants.

Optional features: Take your packaging to the next level with a wide range of additional features, including gas flushing systems, automatic product feeders, and printing capabilities, making your product stand out in a crowded market.

Technical specification

film width
Product Size
Bag Size
FW-15050-900150L: 10-100
W: 10-80
H: 4-40
L: 30-1503.7kw3850x1100x1600800
FW-25020-330250L: 70-190/150-350
W: 30-110
H: <25
FW-28030-220280L: 85-210/170-380
W: 40-125
H: <35
FW-32030-220320L: 110-250/200-420
W: 40-150
H: <55
FW-45020-200450L: 115-480
W: 80-215
H: 80
FW-60020-200600L: 115-500
W: 40-280
H: 80
FW-600-PLUS20-200600L: 40-240
W: 80-300
H: <150
L: 70-500/8004.5kw5000x1250x1700750



Keeping your Flow Wrapper in top condition is essential to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you maintain your Flow Wrapper.

Keep the machine clean

Regularly cleaning the machine is crucial to its longevity and efficiency. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces, remove any debris, and clean any belts or rollers.

Check and replace parts regularly

Check the machine’s parts, including belts, rollers, and knives, for signs of wear and tear. Replace any damaged parts promptly to avoid further damage to the machine.

Lubricate moving parts

egularly lubricating the machine’s moving parts, such as bearings and chains, can reduce wear and tear and prevent breakdowns.

Check the alignment

Make sure that the machine’s belts and rollers are correctly aligned. Misaligned parts can cause unnecessary wear and tear, leading to costly repairs.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your Flow Wrapper operates efficiently, and downtime is minimized, which results in increased productivity and profitability.

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