Swing Granulator

Working Principle

Mechanical transmission, the drum/roller swings back and forth, and the material is processed into granules or squeezed into the screen.


The swinging granulator is driven by a mechanically driven drum to swing back and forth to extrude the material from the screen, granulate or pulverize for granulation or fast shaping. Wet or dry powder materials used to form the desired particles, the mesh metal mesh is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the elasticity is adjustable. The main parts of the machine are enclosed in the body, and together with the lubrication system, the production process runs smoothly. All stainless steel appearance, in line with GMP standards for dry granulation materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries.

Roller Diameter(mm)6090160250320
Working Capcity(kg/Hour)20-3030-100100-300200-400300-600
Swing Time46/min46/min46/min46/min46/min
Motor power(kw)0.551.
Size(mm) (L x W x h)400x560x600500x760x840970x760x12401270x750x12501500x1200x1500