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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea bag packaging machines are the ingenious contraptions that revolutionized the tea industry by streamlining the laborious process of packaging tea bags. These small coffee packaging machines are engineered to expertly fill each tea bag with the finest tea leaves or tea dust, before perfectly sealing them and snipping off any excess material.

The ingenious tea-making apparatus employs a systematic method of gently siphoning the perfect quantity of tea leaves into a bespoke, flat rectangular casing, which is then securely sealed around the edges. In some instances, an additional tag and string are adroitly added to the tea bag before sealing. The equipment is capable of processing a copious amount of tea bags in an expedited timeframe, making it the epitome of efficiency for commercial tea production.

tea coffee packing machine

Precise dosing: Precisely measure and dispense a predetermined amount of tea leaves into each tea bag, resulting in a uniform flavor and potency in every cup.

Secure enclosure: Employs a heat-sealing process to create a secure enclosure for the tea leaves, preventing them from escaping and maintaining their freshness.

Effortless labeling: Certain machines come equipped with an automatic tag and string application system, making it effortless to label and string each tea bag before sealing. This system can save time and cut labor costs by eliminating the need for manual tagging and stringing.

Technical specification

FunctionCoffee PodPyramid bag
Inner bag
Inner bag
+outer bag
Packing materialFilter paper
Filter paper
Filter paper
10ml15ml (5g)15ml (5g)
Film width
120 140 160Inner 100-160Inner 100-160
Outer 120-200
Custom design
3 side
3 side


Coffee Pod Packaging Machine
Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Industries and applications

Tea bag filling machines are the unsung heroes of the tea industry, transforming raw tea leaves into convenient, ready-to-use tea bags that delight consumers worldwide. These machines are a godsend for tea producers looking to scale their operations, as they can effortlessly churn out thousands of tea bags per hour. From classic black tea to exotic herbal blends and everything in between, tea bag packing machines can accommodate a diverse range of tea types, ensuring that every tea lover finds their perfect cup. And that’s not all – some of these versatile machines can even package other aromatic products such as coffee, herbs, and spices, making them an indispensable tool for any discerning beverage or culinary connoisseur.

Caring for Your Tea Bag Packing Machine

We believe that proper maintenance is the key to ensuring that your machine delivers exceptional performance, day after day. That’s why we’re here to provide you with some valuable tips to help you maintain your machine and delight your customers with perfectly packaged tea bags.

1. Regular Maintenance for Uninterrupted Excellence

Show Some Love with Regular Cleaning
  • Gently wipe down the exterior of the machine using a soft cloth and mild detergent to keep it looking pristine.
  • Pay extra attention to the filling chute, sealing area, and cutting mechanism, making sure to remove any tea residue or particles.
The Heart of Your Machine – The Weighing System
  • Keep the weigher clean and free from tea debris or dust by regularly inspecting and cleaning it.
  • Don’t forget to calibrate the weighing system at recommended intervals to ensure accurate measurements and consistent tea bag weights.
Lubrication – Smooth Operation Magic
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to lubricate the moving parts with the recommended lubricants.
  • Keep an eye on the lubrication levels and top up as needed to ensure your machine operates like a dream.
Belt and Conveyor Care
  • Give the conveyor belt some TLC by cleaning it regularly to prevent tea dust buildup and maintain a smooth product flow.
  • Check the tension of the conveyor belt and make adjustments as necessary to keep things running smoothly.

2. Taking Proactive Measures for Long-lasting Brilliance

Spare Parts Inventory
  • Keep a stock of essential spare parts recommended by the manufacturer so that you can quickly replace any faulty components.
  • Regularly review your inventory and replenish it as needed to minimize any potential downtime.
Empower Your Team with Maintenance Knowledge
  • Train your operators on the importance of preventive maintenance and provide them with the skills to perform basic maintenance tasks.
  • Encourage your team to be vigilant in spotting any potential issues and reporting them promptly.
Seek Professional Servicing
  • Schedule regular maintenance and inspections by authorized service providers who specialize in tea bag packing machines.
  • Professional servicing ensures thorough cleaning, calibration, and adjustments to keep your machine in top shape.
Keep Records for Smooth Sailing
  • Maintain a logbook or digital records to track your maintenance activities, including cleaning schedules, lubrication dates, and servicing history.
  • Document any maintenance issues, their resolutions, and observations about your machine’s performance to facilitate troubleshooting and future optimizations.

By following these maintenance tips, you’ll take charge of the longevity and performance of your tea bag packing machine. Your proactive approach not only preserves the quality of your tea packaging process but also ensures that your customers receive consistently delightful tea/coffee experiences.

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