Stainless steel grade
Frequency control
Inlet feeder with Magnetic suction, to Detect and retain metal subjects
Dust collection container system


Dry Grinder Machine utilizes the relative movement between the high-speed slotted disk and the fixed slotted disk to crush the comprehensive effect of collision with materials due to the influence of teeth, shears and grinding, and achieve the purpose of grinding materials. Grinding Machine has simple structure, stable operation, low noise and good crushing effect. The ground material is directly discharged from the grinding chamber. The particle size can be achieved by selecting sieves with different apertures. The universal grinder can also be equipped with a water cooling device according to the user’s special use requirements and the special physical and chemical characteristics of the material to be crushed. For example, crushed materials have lower melting points and lower ignition points, are more likely to be heated and sticky, and may lead to reduced crushing effect or crushing failure, and even cause combustion, explosion, etc. Grinder equipment. Water cooling and cooling device.

40-1204200 rpm60-1502.290700*480*1000
FG-250380V50-2004500 rpm10-1505.5200750*600*1350
FG-320380V100-3004200 rpm10-1507.52501100*700*1250
FG-400380V300-8003400 rpm10-150124401200*950*1300
FG-500380V400-10003600 rpm10-120155001300*1000*1380
FG-600380V500-15002800 rpm10-120226801400*1350*1500