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Welcome to our sample collection

We also offer custom bag options, so if you don’t see the bag type you need, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What samples we offer

Explore our diverse selection of bag types designed to fit your packaging needs. What styles do we have in store for you?

The unique shape of stick packs makes them easy to handle and perfect for on-the-go consumption. Plus, their slender design allows for efficient use of shelf space and makes them a popular choice for brands looking to differentiate their products on store shelves.

Contain less products inside, air out or air less, can organized every 4 side seal sachet easily than ever, the outer box or carton will earn better looking when client open the case to pick up the sachet. Also make the counting jobs much easier. Usually in liquid, paste, powder industrials.

Feature a soft, cushion-like design that cradles your products to prevent damage during transportation and storage. The pillow-like shape also provides a sleek and modern look, making them ideal for retail shelves or as a premium packaging option.

A bold, versatile bag with large advertising face, where every side is a billboard! Collapsible gusseted sides give products added dimension and differentiation, and can either be displayed standing up or laying down. This bag style provides for easy case-packaging and pallet stacking.

Stand out with our cost-effective three-side seal pouch! Without the center back seal, these pouches provide more space for graphics, making them a unique packaging option. Case packing and cartoning are simple and convenient with this bag style.

With its durable materials and bottom gusset, this pouch provides stability and added dimension to your product. Plus, its convenient resealable zipper ensures freshness and easy opening and closing for your customers. Say goodbye to traditional packaging and elevate your product’s presentation with our Standup Pouch.

We provide custom shape too

Here at Today Machine, we take pride in our customer-centric approach. We have honed the skill of attentive listening to our clients’ feedback and customizing our machines to their precise needs. Our commitment to accuracy, flexibility, and reliability ensures that our “tailored” machines require minimal maintenance time and maximize productivity. At Today Machine, we believe that happy customers are the cornerstone of our success.
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Our track record of consistently providing superior machines and services speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication to unparalleled quality.


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