The universal pulverizer uses the high speed relative motion of the movable tooth disc and fixed tooth disc to crush the crushed material by tooth impact, friction and material impact between each other and other comprehensive action to obtain crushing. This machine has a simple structure, sturdy, smooth operation, good crushing effect, the crushed material can be directly discharged from the host mill cavity.

Pulverizer Working Principle

This machine adopts impact crushing method, after the material enters the crushing chamber, it will be impacted by the movable hammer body which rotates at high speed, and the material will be crushed by the mutual impact of the tooth ring and the material, and the crushed material will enter the powder bag through the sieve with the help of airflow, leaving no residue.

Differential chain assembly line: Adopt special aluminum alloy profile as the guide rail, and use speed increasing chain to drag the workpiece plate as the conveying medium. The flow line adopts combined assembly mode, and the number of work stations can be set according to the process requirements. The work stations are equipped with foot switches, power sockets, work station blockers, process drawing boards, lighting, etc. The line is equipped with jacking levelers, jacking rotary tables, etc., so that the whole process can reach the automatic working state.

Pulverizer Features

The structure is simple, the crushing chamber is easy to install and disassemble and clean, and the parts inside the crushing chamber that are in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, which can resist acid and corrosion, so that the crushed materials can better meet the sanitary requirements. Shaft and blade are heat-treated.

With the advantages of easy movement, balanced operation, low noise, good crushing effect and low power consumption.

Pulverizer Operation and Precautions

Before use, check whether all the fasteners of the machine are tightened and the belt is tensioned

Spindle running direction must be in line with the direction of the arrow shown on the shield, otherwise it will damage the machine, and may cause personal injury

Check whether there are metal and other hard debris inside the machine, otherwise it will damage the grinding chamber and affect the operation of the machine

Stop feeding before stopping the machine, if not continue to use, to clear the machine leftovers

During the machine running there will be a small vibration, make sure to tighten the cover connection handle to avoid accidents.

Pulverizer Maintenance

Regularly check whether the fixed nut of the movable gear plate is loose and all the fastening parts should not be loose. In particular, the screws inside the fixed gear plate should be checked.

Frequently add lubricant to ensure the proper operation of the machine. Before starting the machine, inject appropriate lubricating oil, for continuous work should be appropriate to increase the number of refueling.

When replacing wearing parts and rolling bearings, note that the operation is carried out by familiar repairers. If the user’s operational difficulties should be timely contact with Today Machine, do not disassemble arbitrarily.


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