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Manual packing machine

A manual packing machine is a type of packaging equipment that is operated by human labor and uses a sensor pedal to control the filling and sealing process.

The process starts with the operator manually placing the bag on the machine’s platform, and then stepping on the sensor pedal to start the filling process. As the operator steps on the pedal, the filling mechanism dispenses the desired amount of product into the bag. Once the bag is filled, the operator releases the pedal, and the machine automatically seals the bag shut.

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Sensor or pedal control: Designed to be operated by foot pedals which control the filling and sealing process. This allows for greater precision and control over the packaging process.

Affordable: Compared to larger automated packaging machines, manual packing machines are generally more affordable and cost-effective, making them accessible to small businesses and startups with limited budgets.

Hygienic: Designed with hygiene in mind, with easy-to-clean surfaces and minimal risk of contamination during the packaging process.

Industries and applications

Food preservation and presentation

Manual packing machines are essential for preserving the quality of various food products, from fresh produce to processed items, and presenting them in an attractive and convenient manner.

Medical preparation and protection

Pharmaceutical and medical companies rely on manual packing machines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products, protecting them from contamination and ensuring accurate dosages.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Embrace environmentally-friendly packaging options with the aid of manual packing machines, contributing to a greener tomorrow. By employing this approach, businesses can minimize waste and encourage sustainability, particularly when packaging organic foods and biodegradable cleaning products.

Artisanal production and craftsmanship

Experience the charm of artisanal production and craftsmanship, where small-scale producers passionately employ manual packing machines to wrap their handcrafted products with precision and attention to detail. This approach elevates the presentation of items, particularly those from bakers, cheese makers, and crafters, to new heights.

Home-based businesses and startups

Manual packing machines are an affordable and practical solution for home-based businesses and startups looking to package and sell their products professionally and efficiently.

Technical specification

Film width
Max 310Max 410Max 600
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