Sealing Machines

The multi-functional film continuous sealing machine is suitable for sealing and bag making of all heat-sealable materials such as ordinary single-layer plastic film and composite film. We supply automatic and semi-automatic sealers for use with a wide range of sachet, pouch, zipper bag, bottle, canister, tank and jar. We stock sealer and capping machines.

Bag Sealer.

Ideal sealing machinery for aluminum foil bags, plastic bags and composite bags from pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food, dates and lubricants. All industries that need to use the above materials to package products, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, military industry, clothing, local specialty products and electronic components, etc.

bag sealer

Comparison of Bag Sealer

Choose the right type of sealer according to the width of the seal and the size of the bag.

Horizontal Sealer
Small bag

Fixed height

Dry items inside bag

Date stamping or printing

Stainless steel or paint frame

Vertical Sealer
Small & Large bag

Ajustable height

Dry & Wet items inside bag

Date stamping or printing

Stainless steel or paint frame

Bag Sealer Description

This sealing machine is based on the advanced models at home and abroad, redesigned and manufactured, but also has the dual-use function of stand-up sealing. It is suitable for sealing and bag making of all plastic films, and is the ideal sealing equipment for food factories, cosmetic factories and pharmaceutical factories such as unit’s. It can work continuously, and can also split out the date, batch number, etc. according to the user’s needs, and is suitable for forming a complete set of assembly line.

Bag Sealer Performance Features

This machine adopts automatic thermostat control and electronic stepless speed control device, with accurate temperature control, stable speed regulation, precise structure, high efficiency, reliable sealing quality, clear and beautiful pattern, sealing length is not limited and low power consumption, etc.

The machine can be vertical, horizontal dual-use, (vertical for liquid packaging) and can be equipped with a word device, in the sealing at the same time directly printed on the manufacturer’s trademark, factory date or expiration date, batch number, shelf life, inspection number and other content, sealing and printing is completed once, the date and other content randomly replaced, very convenient to use. 3, the machine adopts the heat sealing tape, for the jointless sealing tape, completely overcome the jointed tape degumming, the tape is not flat joint too thick and affect the sealing quality shortcomings, and make the average life of the sealing tape increased by more than three times. It has three features of dual-use, seal printing and jointless sealing tape.