Double Cone Mixer

Double cone mixer is the mixing equipment that mixes various powders evenly through the rotating tank, with the continuous rotation of the container. Materials in the container for complex impact movement, to achieve uniform mixing of machinery and equipment.

Our Available Types of Double Cone Blenders

There are three based types for choices, and can manufacture for different mixing purpose.

Applications of Double Cone Blender

Double cone mixer on the liquidity of the powder and granular, fine powder particles easy to clot, a variety of materials containing a certain amount of moisture, trace phases and additives, can achieve good mixing effect.

Working principle of Double Cone Blender

The prepared powder is added to the tank of the mixer, and through the rotation of the tank, the material is repeatedly gathered and separated under the action of its gravity and centrifugal force to achieve uniform mixing, and the mixed material is discharged from the discharge port by its own weight.

Components of Double Cone Blender

It is composed of tank, driving device and supporting pedestal, etc.

Our Available Options of Double Cone Blender

SZH-5050kg100L220V 0-252.6kw120kg1100x1040x1100

Video of Double Cone Blender

We got video in action to show you what’s real.