Rotary Pre-made Pouch Filling Packing Machine

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Rotary Pre-made Pouch Packing Machine

Introducing the Rotary Pouch Filling Machine – a marvel of packaging innovation designed to effortlessly fill and seal pre-made pouches with a vast array of products. Equipped with a revolutionary rotary indexing table boasting multiple stations, this ingenious machine orchestrates a seamless and precise packaging process. Each station has been meticulously crafted to carry out a specific function, ensuring that every pouch is filled and sealed to perfection. Whether loaded manually or through an automated pouch loading system, the Rotary Bag sealer is the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs.

Pre-made Pouch machine

Adaptability: The pouch packing machine showcases remarkable adaptability, effortlessly accommodating an extensive range of pre-made pouches crafted from an array of materials, ranging from laminated films to aluminum foil, and even paper.

Diverse Filling Capabilities: The pouch filling machine boasts of diverse filling abilities as it can be fitted with different filling systems to handle products in various forms such as powders, granules, liquids, and pastes, giving room for an exceptional range of products to be packaged.

Remarkable Velocity: The machine’s rotary indexing table ensures rapid operation, which allows for exceptional high-speed performance suitable for high-volume production, making it the go-to machine for industries with tight timelines.

Precision Pouch Positioning: The rotary pouch filling machine leverages a cutting-edge servo-driven system that guarantees precise positioning of pre-made pouches on the rotary table. This precise pouch positioning ensures consistent pouch filling and sealing, reducing the risk of errors and producing impeccable packages.

Technical specification

Bag sizeW: 80-200mmL: 80-300mm
Bag typeStandup pouch
Flat pouch
Zipper bag
4 side seal
3 side seal
Pillow pouch
Gusset pouch
Spouted pouch
Packing weight5-1500g
depend on filling systems
Capacity35-60 pcs/min
Air consumption0.4m3/min


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