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horizontal premade pouch packing machine

A bag filling sealing machine is a type of horizontal packaging machine that is used to automatically fill and seal pre-made pouches or bags in a horizontal position.

The pre-made pouches are loaded onto the machine, which then fills them with the desired product, such as powders, liquids, or granules. The machine then seals the pouches using heat or pressure, creating an airtight seal to preserve the product.

bag given packing machine

Flexibility: Designed to handle different types of premade pouches such as flat, stand-up, zipper, spout and more, with different sizes and shapes.

Airtight sealing: Create an airtight seal, which helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.

High speed: Designed for high speed filling and sealing operations, making them suitable for high volume production.

Consistency: Designed to provide consistent and accurate filling and sealing of pouches to ensure product quality and safety.

Technical specification

Bag sizeW: 80-200mm
L: 100-250mm
W: 80-200mm
L: 100-250mm
W: 80-200mm
L: 100-250mm
VoltageAC 220V 50/60HzAC 220V 50/60HzAC 220V 50/60Hz
Air consumption0.3 m3/min0.3 m3/min0.3 m3/min
Filling systemAuger(powder)Pump(liquid/paste)Weigher(grain)
Filling accuracy
(depends on project)
Filling weight1-100g
Speed10-40 pcs/min10-40 pcs/min10-50 pcs/min


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