Mixer Machines

Mixing Machine is a mechanical device that uses mechanical force and gravity, etc., to mix two or more materials evenly. In the process of mixing, it can also increase the contact surface area of materials to promote chemical reactions; it can also accelerate physical changes.

Mixing Machine Category

Commonly used mixers are divided into four categories: medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixing machinery, powder and granular solid material mixing machinery.

Common mixers are: 3D swing mixer, screw ribbon mixer, V-shaped mixer, double spiral cone mixer, etc.

Mixing Machine Application

Mixing result more uniform and loose, hardly have waste material, easy to discharge, easy to clean, high production efficiency, not easy to wear out.

Our available Mixing Machines

We stock 3D mixer & Ribbon mixer & Double cone mixer, they are ready for your mixing need.

Comparison of Mixing Machines

Lean more about the differences of 3D blender & Ribbon blender & Double cone blender, to know how to choose the right mixer machine for your mixing project..

3D Mixer
✔️Dry product ✖️Wet product

Non-destructive mixing

Fast & efficient

Capacity 16L ~ 1000L

Stainless steel

Speed adjustment as default

Model: SYH Series

Double Cone Mixer
✔️Dry product ✖️Wet product

Homogeneous mixing


Capacity 30L ~ 500L

Stainless steel

Speed adjustment as optional

Model: SZH Series

3D Mixing Machine.

The barrel of the material is driven by the active shaft to make the compound motion of translation rotation and tumbling, etc. from week to week, which makes the material make the three-way compound motion along the barrel in the circumferential, radial and axial directions, thus realizing the mutual flow, diffusion, accumulation and admixture of various materials to achieve the purpose of uniform blending.

swing mixer

3D Mixer Performance Features

With multi-directional movement, materials without centrifugal force, no specific gravity deviation and stratification, accumulation phenomenon each group can have a disparity in weight ratio, mixing rate of 99% or more, mixing uniformity is higher than the uniformity of other ordinary mixers

The barrel loading rate is large, up to 80-90% (only 40% for the ordinary mixer), high efficiency, short mixing time. The cylinder body is rounded and polished in all parts.

3D Mixer Composition

The 3D swing mixer is composed of the machine base, drive system, three-dimensional movement mechanism, mixing cylinder and electrical control system, etc.

The mixing barrel in direct contact with the material is made of high-quality stainless steel, the inner wall of the barrel is polished and processed with precision.

3D Mixer Operation

1. This machine adopts frequency converter to regulate speed, before starting the machine, turn on the total power supply, the power indicator light is on, then start the motor button, then start the on/off switch on the speed control panel, the indicator light is on, then slowly rotate to make it reach the normal mixing speed;.

2. If you need to adjust the mixing time, through Today Machine’s installation of time relays, so that users specify the mixing time according to the material mixing requirements.

3. After mixing, shut down the machine according to the reverse of the opening sequence, if you find that the material is not ideal, you can tap the button to achieve the material requirements.

3D Mixer Cautions

The mixing of this machine is three-dimensional space mixing, adding some safety protection fences near the effective range of the material barrel, to avoid accidents. Before starting the machine, do not stand in front of the barrel to avoid accidents.

When loading and unloading, the electric of the equipment must be stopped to prevent electrical failure and cause unnecessary accidents.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer.

Horizontal ribbon blender is to stir dry and powder materials evenly. The material in the mixing time is subject to the rotor movement in two opposite directions, and the compound movement, which causes convection circulation and shear percolation in the material barrel, and completes the rapid and uniform mixing of the material in a relatively short time.

ribbon mixing machine

Ribbon Mixer Performance Features

U-shaped barrel structure, smooth operation, uniform mixing, no dead angle, clean discharge, wide range of applications.

Adopt internal and external double-layer spiral belt staggered round-trip mixing, fast mixing speed, high uniformity

Bearings at both ends of the mixer, materials are not easy to enter, and the maintenance rate is low.

The screw conveyor is convenient for feeding, and the inlet is flush with the ground, which is labor-saving and convenient for feeding.

Ribbon Mixer Working Principle

The drive spindle of the mixer is arranged with a double layer of spiral blades, with the internal spiral conveying the material to the outside and the external spiral gathering the material to the inside.

The material is convected by the convection movement of the double-layer spiral ribbon, forming a low-power and efficient mixing environment.

The inner and outer diameter spirals installed on the mixing shaft drive the materials inside the barrel, so that the mixer turns the materials in the barrel to the maximum extent.

Ribbon Mixer Application

It is applied to the mixing of solid-solid (i.e. powder and powder), solid-pulp (i.e. powder and mastic liquid) of putty paste, real stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, etc. It is especially adapted to the mixing of viscous materials.

This mixer is not suitable for the mixing of materials with large fiber content and large density difference.

It is recommended to use stainless steel for putty paste, real stone paint, biological, pharmaceutical and food industries.

In general, mixing dry mortar material containing glass beads, horizontal ribbon blender is highly recommended.

Ribbon Mixer Model selection

The following points need to be noted when selecting the model and options of ribbon blender.

1. Select the ribbon mixer according to the daily production volume. Because the mixer requires processing time for each batch of material, plus the time to discharge and feed.

2. Select horizontal mixer need to pay attention to the discharge mode. Communicate in advance and today’s machinery in time to choose a suitable form of valve for their own processes, while trying not to choose the side port discharge form. The reason is: First, the delay in time, not reach the expected productivity, the second is that the material has reached the best uniformity, excessive mixing will instead destroy the uniformity, lose the purpose of choosing ribbon mixer.

3. According to the material situation to choose the material grade of stainless steel, if the material is too corrosive, then you can choose a high grade stainless steel material or choose to lining corrosion-resistant layer.

Double Cone Mixer.

Double cone blender is by rotating barrel, using the material self-weight continuous turning for mixing. 360 degree rotation without dead angle, when the cylinder is rotating, the inside stirring leaves reverse operation, so that the material is quickly integrated.

double cone blender

Double Cone Mixer Application

It is suitable for mixing and stirring various powder and granular materials, such as: food, flour, metal powder, chemical chemical materials, spices, food additives, raw materials, medicine, feed powder and granular mixed,  fibrous materials, welding materials, refractory materials, fluorescent powder, etc.

Double Cone Mixer Performance Features

The mixing process is gentle and the original physical state of the material is not destroyed in the mixing.

The variable range of filling volume is large and there is no residue, thus overcoming the weaknesses of general mixers.

Airtight operation, smooth operation, no pollution to the environment.

Compact structure covers little space, easy to use and maintain.

Our Available Types of Double Cone Blenders

There are three based types for choices, and can manufacture for different mixing purpose.

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